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Rio Rancho Movers is a professional home and commercial furniture moving company. We provide several services that can help with moving and storage services.

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Welcome to Rio Rancho Movers! We’re a professional moving company that can help you when you’re looking to move homes, offices, and furniture. We know how to make your move in Rio Rancho go smoothly and efficiently. No job is too big or small for our professionals. We offer exceptional service that will leave you feeling confident about choosing us to be your short local and long distance moving company today!

We put a priority on customer service and satisfaction, and when you  contact us, one of our friendly staff members will discuss with you what kind of moving you need help with and help you with a free estimate. Our movers are licensed and aim to be efficient with theirs and your time in order to provide value  and give you you an affordable price for your move.

With every customer that we work with, we carefully evaluate and plan the moving experience so that your belongings are safely and efficiently transported from place to place, all while enjoying the process ourselves. We want to create a positive environment for everyone, as that makes us happy and it makes our customers happy.

Our movers are strong and very capable, professional, and detail oriented. They will make sure they answer your questions and guide you in the moving process and even help set you up with extra services such as junk removal. Most importantly, they will make sure that no damage occurs to your belongings.

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The benefits of our local moving service

If you’re looking to move to a new home, or apartment, our residential moving service is the perfect first step before you embark on your journey to a new residence.

Whether you need furniture movers, piano movers, large and small items, or packing services, we aim to be the best moving company you will ever work with! Once you make an appointment with us, we work promptly the coordinate our movers with your schedule so that everything is prepared smoothly on the day of your move.

On the day of the move, we’ll arrive on schedule and will be ready to start organizing into the moving truck. We will confirm with you on any last minute questions or concerns you may have, then we’ll get to work packing everything, protecting banisters, doorways, and other large objects such as appliances and furniture.

Once everything is ready to go and we travel to your moving destination, we’ll carefully unload everything from the truck and move them into the rooms or spaces that you want. If you’re also looking for professional packing services, we can also help you with that, as we have packing supplies and know how to package things safely and efficiently, which can save you time and headache.

Through the packing process, a lot of our customers  discover that they have too many belongings and want to get rid some with a junk removal service. If you need a recommendation with this, we can help as well.

That’s it! The process is petty simple and easy. We communicate, up front and make sure you have all the information you need, no hidden costs, then we work together on ensuring a stress-free moving day for you.

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Need to move an office?

Commercial moving services

Compared to residential moving services for a home, business commercial moving is more involved and requires special attention because we understand that our commercial clients highly emphasize time and efficiency. When a commercial client needs to move to a new office or location, we know they need to be back at work promptly.

For office moving, we use a system that allows us to move productively, which is essential to make sure your business keeps moving efficiently as well without delays and hassles. We understand that your office equipment, assets, and furniture are valuable and need to be fully protected during the move. Our commercial team is trained to excel in professional moving.

When handling commercial equipment we use our well maintained equipment and deploy our fully loaded moving trucks. From furniture dollies to zip ties, to plastic wrap, and moving pads, we have it all. We ensure that our trucks are well serviced, clean, organized, and running smoothly, so that your cargo doesn’t experience any mishaps or damages during transit.

As commercial moving contains many more items at stake, we commonly provide our clients with packing services, in the event that extra storage is needed, or you simply want your equipment protected from damage. After giving us a call, you’ll enjoy working with us because this is what we do best. We’re an expert moving company and we just want to help you and your belongings move from point A to B in the safest, most efficient way possible.

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Tips for moving and packing

To ensure you have a smooth moving day, here are some of our top tips to how you can be better prepared. You should start packing at least one week before your scheduled moving date. Try to guess the number of boxes you need beforehand—in case you are short, you will have time to get more. Make sure the boxes you get are sturdy, and have lids or can close. If you ever need help, we can provide additional moving and packing supplies.

As you are going through all of your items, it's very common that you realize you will need junk removal! Moving forces you to take a mental inventory count of your belongings, and you may find that you either have too many things, or rediscover old or forgotten items that no longer hold any value to you.

Packing of general items
For heavy items, you want to find smaller boxes, and lighter items in larger boxes. Always make sure to place heavier items at the bottom of the box; this prevents them from being top heavy and  tipping over when your box is packed full.

Cushion fragile items with bubble wrap, or newsprint paper. When putting everything in your boxes, make sure to use a lot of shipping tape to seal the box and label each box with a marker. Once you have moved into your new space, stack your boxes neatly in one corner of the room to reduce loading time and so that it’s easier to unpack one box at a time.

Kitchen items
For a way to pack your dishes, we recommend using a Dish Pack, which is a box specially designed for dishes and contains inserts and dividers that lets you neatly pack items of different sizes. Wrap each item in newsprint before placing into this container so that they do not clatter against each other and cause vibrations, which could crack them.

These can be awkwardly shaped, but we recommend disassembling the shades and packing them separately from the lamp body. Make sure you also remove the lightbulb and wrap that in bubbly wrap or newsprint so that it doesn’t shatter.

Our Available Moving Services

When you need to move homes or offices, you can count on us to help make that move easier and more efficient. Here are our available moving services and when you're ready to work with us, we'll be ready.

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Local moving truck unpacking boxes from the truck

Local moving service

For short distances to nearby towns or cities in neighboring counties.

long distance moving trucks driving on the road

Long distance moving service

Headed somewhere far like out of state? We'll work with you to make that happen.

Packing and sealing moving boxes with shipping tape

Packing service

We can help pack your items efficiently in boxes so you don't have to worry.

Packing furniture in plastic wrap to prior to moving

Furniture moving

From chairs to pianos, we'll safely pack your furniture and prep for moving.

moving boxes stacked inside commercial office

Office and commercial moving

For businesses and commercial office moving, we'll help you relocate.

Professional movers moving boxes out of a moving van

Pick up and delivery

We'll pick up your items wherever they are and drop them off at the desired location.